Preventive Family Dentistry

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Preventive Dentistry for the Entire Family

Routine dental checkups are about much more than simple tooth polishing, which is why the professional team at The Dental Office At Chestnut Hill offers a comprehensive range of preventive dentistry services, including:

  • ■ Full dental exam: the dentist will check for signs of problems that require further treatment.
  • ■ Dental X-rays: ​​Dental X-rays help dentists to find and diagnose tooth decay hiding between the teeth and other places hard to see with the naked eye. They also identify dental and orthodontic issues beneath the gums.
  • ■ Thorough teeth cleanings: the foundation of preventative dentistry is regular professional cleanings by a hygienist, which complements daily brushing and twice-daily flossing patients do at home.
  • ■ Fluoride treatments: fluoride makes teeth more resistant to plaque and acid attacks and help teeth remineralize more quickly.
  • ■ Plaque and tartar removal: it is impossible to remove tartar by brushing and flossing, but a hygienist will clear it all away, which is a crucial part of preventing gum disease and tooth decay.
  • ■ Dental fillings: a way to restore a tooth that has been damaged by decay and bring it back to its normal shape and function.
  • ■ Cancer screenings: early detection through oral cancer screenings have been shown to increase the survival rate to 80% and better, which is why it’s so important to have this simple test done.

What to Expect at Your Routine Checkup

When you visit The Dental Office At Chestnut Hill for a routine checkup, our dentist will sit down and discuss your oral history, questions, or concerns. Then, they will conduct a thorough examination of your teeth and gums, take x-rays if needed, and check for any weaknesses in tooth enamel, loose fillings, or signs of periodontal disease.

Protecting Young Smiles With Effective Preventive Dentistry

There’s nothing like the beautiful white smile of a child, so keep that smile burning bright by teaching them how to protect their teeth and gums. When kids are exposed to the importance of oral hygiene at a young age, they will have a better chance of maintaining good oral habits their whole life.

Effective oral hygiene includes regular brushing and flossing, but it is also crucial to visit a dental professional twice a year for routine dental cleanings. At The Dental Office At Chestnut Hill, our highly-skilled team will conduct a thorough examination of your child’s teeth and gums, looking for any potential problems that may pose a problem down the line and providing them with useful tips and tricks to keep them smiling brightly for many years to come.

Family and preventive dentistry is what The Dental Office At Chestnut Hill does best! If you have any concerns about the health of your teeth and gums or would like some useful tips on at-home oral hygiene, then give our team a call today!

Give us a call at (617) 969-8558 to set up an appointment with our family dentistry team!