Periodontics In Chestnut Hill

Here at The Dental Office at Chestnut Hill, we understand that your life is busy and going from office to office can be too time consuming. That’s why we believe that we should be able to offer you as many of our dental services as possible in one place. The Dental Office at Chestnut Hill can take care of all of your dental needs including Periodontal Treatments.

Our Periodontal treatments include:

Periodontal disease: When you suffer from infected gums, most often known as periodontal disease, it can cause major problems for your mouth and teeth. It’s very important to have this condition treated as soon as possible. We generally do this through non-surgical methods.

Cosmetic gum lift: A special cosmetic treatment we offer is called a gum lift. This is most commonly requested by patients who have excessive gum tissue and aren’t pleased with the way the teeth are affected. A gum lift is commonly known as a gingivectomy.