Interesting Dental Implant Facts from The Dental Office At Chestnut Hill

If you’re a Chestnut Hill, MA resident who has been looking into tooth replacement options, the team at The Dental Office At Chestnut Hill is here to give you some basic facts about dental implants. With more than three decades in the industry, we have accumulated the knowledge and professionalism to deliver unrivaled dental services to a plethora of satisfied patients throughout the Chestnut Hill community.

If you’re looking for a dental office that can provide implant dentistry and family dentistry under the same roof, you’ve come to the right place! Missing teeth can work to change the shape of your face, your bite, your speech, and more, so don’t hesitate! Call our office today for more information about our comprehensive tooth replacement options.

Basic Dental Implants Facts

Dental implants are a great solution for those adults needing replacements for their missing teeth. These implants consist of a titanium post anchored to your jawbone, a tooth-shaped crown, and an abutment to hold the crown to the titanium post. Dental implants are also great when it comes to actually looking and functioning just like natural teeth.

When placed by a seasoned dental implant surgeon, like the ones at The Dental Office At Chestnut Hill, no one will even be able to tell you have a tooth implant! Our tooth replacement options are natural-looking and feeling, giving your smile the upgrade it needs so you can smile with confidence once again. Here are some additional facts surrounding dental implants we think you should know about:

Dental implants make your jaw stronger – When you receive dental implant surgery, your bone fuses to the implant’s titanium rod through a process called osseointegration. As the bone and implant grow together, the jawbone becomes stronger. The dental implant procedure is the only restoration option available to stimulate this type of bone growth in your jaw.

It’s easier and less painful to insert an implant than it is to pull a tooth – A great deal of pressure and force must be used to move a tooth and pull it out, affecting a large surface area. Inserting a tooth implant is much more precise, and since you will be given sedation during the procedure and pain medication, the process is relatively painless.

Tooth implants can’t get cavities – Since implants are artificial, they can’t decay. This means not having to worry about cavities claiming territory on your tooth implant. With that being said, the team at The Dental Office At Chestnut Hill still encourages patients to come in for regular teeth cleanings and maintain a healthy oral regimen at home.

98% success rate – Dental implants have been around for decades, making headway in the early 1960s. Today, implant placement procedures tote a 98% success rate, making them a great option for tooth replacement.

Need A Long-Lasting Solution For Missing Teeth?

Ideally, you want to try to keep your natural teeth for the rest of your life. When you can’t do this, however, you need a durable tooth replacement option. While other solutions for missing teeth – like bridges, crowns, and dentures – must be replaced or adjusted periodically over time, dental implants are a more permanent option and do not depend on the health of surrounding teeth.

A bridge, for example, is only as healthy as the teeth around it and will need to be replaced if one of the teeth on either side is damaged. And a bridge tends to put pressure on the teeth around it, so damage is almost inevitable. Many other tooth replacement options simply aren’t permanent. Even dentures will become worn and need to be adjusted or replaced over time as your mouth changes shape.

Dental implants are anchored into place and will only need to be removed if they become damaged or in rare cases of dental implant failure. As long as you take care of your implants the way you would take care of your natural teeth, you should have them for the rest of your life.

Dental Implant Are More Common Than You Think!

There’s a common misperception of implants being a rare choice among dental patients. The truth is, more and more patients are choosing dental implant surgery every day to replenish their smiles. According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, three million patients have dental implants, and the number of patients choosing this tooth replacement option continues to grow by as much as 500,000 a year.

In addition, implants have become more affordable and accessible than ever before due to the technology involved in placing them continually advancing. If you’re considering dental implants for yourself, you are among a growing number of patients who are making the same choice for their missing teeth.

Are you wondering if dental implants are the right choice for you or your loved one? The best way to find out is to contact our office in Chestnut Hill, MA to speak to one of our dental implant dentists at The Dental Office At Chestnut Hill. We look forward to providing you with exceptional options to replace your missing teeth and completely restore your smile!