Dentures vs. All-on-4 Dental Implants

A Useful Comparison

A person with missing teeth may miss out on some of the best things that life has to offer. From being too self-conscious to smile to not being able to enjoy hot, buttered corn-on-the-cob or a crunchy red apple, missing teeth don’t have to continue holding you back. The Dental Office At Chestnut Hill provides many restorative dental options for our patients in Chestnut Hill, MA, including All-on-4 dental implants and dentures. Perhaps you’re wondering which solution would better suit your needs. Let us compare and contrast the two restorative options to help make the decision a little easier for you.

How Do All-On-4 Dental Implants Differ From Other Implants?

The number of missing teeth you have determines what type of dental implants are recommended. All-on-4 dental implants are a full arch of teeth used to replace all of your upper and lower teeth. The “four” refers to the number of dental implants that are strategically used to hold the arch securely in place. If you only have one or a handful of missing teeth, you likely won’t need All-on-4 dental implants. If, however, you’ve experienced significant bone loss or tooth decay, All-on-4 dental implants are the complete tooth replacement option preferred by many of our patients. You can have your entire arch of teeth restored with All-on-4 dental implants in as little as one sitting, cutting down on the number of dental office visits required.

How Do All-On-4 Dental Implants Differ From Dentures?

The main reason many of our patients prefer All-on-4 dental implants over dentures is their natural look, fit, and feel. Because they’re anchored directly to your jaw with sturdy titanium posts, All-on-4 dental implants shouldn’t ever slip while you’re chewing or speaking in front of others. Since you don’t have to worry about removing them at night to clean them, you’re less likely to damage them. You also won’t face any dietary restrictions with All-on-4 dental implants because they allow you to eat using the full force of your natural teeth.

Benefits All-On-4 Dental Implants Offer Over Dentures

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, dental implants function like your natural teeth. Here are a few other benefits that All-on-4 dental implants offer over dentures for our Chestnut Hill, MA patients to consider before scheduling a consultation to determine if they’re the right choice:

  • •No Adjustments Needed – Dentures often require adjustments as your mouth changes shape, but dental implants are anchored into place and only need to be adjusted in the rare case of a dental implant failure. Because a bridge depends on the teeth on either side of it to be healthy, adjustments are sometimes needed when either side becomes damaged.
  • •High Success Rate – Dental implants enjoy a high success rate among our patients at The Dental Office At Chestnut Hill (as high as 98%). They’re capable of lasting a lifetime if you take good care of them, unlike dentures which need to be replaced every 5-15 years on average.
  • •Stimulate Bone Growth – Because dental implants mimic your natural teeth, they help stimulate bone growth. This helps prevent bone loss and preserves your facial shape.
  • •No Special Care Required – Dentures require special cleansers to care for them, but All-on-4 dental implants only need daily brushing and flossing, the same care as your natural teeth.

The Dental Office At Chestnut Hill Helps You Compare Costs

One of the main reasons people often don’t consider dental implants over dentures is the perceived notion that they’re unaffordable when compared with the latter option. While All-on-4 dental implants may cost you a little more upfront than dentures, they may end up saving you money in the long-term. Dentures and even dental bridges often include hidden maintenance costs that many patients don’t take into consideration. Dentures require special cleansers and adhesives to help hold them in place. Dentures also require occasional adjustments, resulting in more visits to your dentist that can add up over the years. It’s also not uncommon for dentures and bridges to become damaged from wear-and-tear. The average lifespan for dentures and bridges is around 5-15 years, while All-on-4 dental implants can last a lifetime in many cases. When you compare and contrast the total costs, it becomes apparent that All-on-4 dental implants may be among your most cost-effective restorative options.

Request A Consultation At The Dental Office At Chestnut Hill

Dental implants are becoming more popular, with the American Academy of Implant Dentistry estimating that over three million people worldwide have already chosen dental implants over dentures. Would you be interested in learning more about All-on-4 dental implants in Chestnut Hill, MA? Contact The Dental Office At Chestnut Hill to request a consultation with one of our friendly dentists today. If you’re feeling self-conscious about missing teeth, our team is committed to helping you find the right solution to restore your pearly whites. We’ll have you smiling in confidence again in no time!